Representing the unity and continuity of the cosmos and life, the MundusPlus brand symbolizes the integrity of our programs and strategies that we, as Machinery Exporters’ Association, will be cementing through numerous sustainability projects. Our Association has achieved global integration and upgraded its information generation capacity to universal standards in the 20 years since its establishment. This brand is our Association’s gift to industrialists.

MundusPlus focuses on a green and smart industrial society and pursues a set of ecological and social goals in parallel with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our need to be responsive to paradigm shifts in the global economy and to the competitive strategies of countries with the highest market shares in global machinery manufacturing has led us to collect many of our Association’s efforts under the MundusPlus brand. 

One of our greatest sources in this field is the European Green Deal. This document is a tremendous action plan to comprehensively address and radically resolve issues triggered by delayed digitalization in Europe, environmental degradation, and climate change, as well as the biggest hurdles on the path to sustainable energy sources to meet increasing energy needs. Similar programs are currently active in the US and in China, though they are based on different dynamics. 

This radical industrial transformation, to be financed through the carbon border tax and/or market consumption tax, both introduced by the Green Deal, will bring new responsibilities for both our industry and our country. Therefore, it calls for clear plans and programs concerning how to overcome these challenges. This transformation also requires significant industrial investment, thus giving the machinery manufacturers the most significant role in the industry.

We believe carrying out studies that will diversify societal thought in this area is an inherent responsibility of a machinist. Our initiatives to expand strategic thinking tools at the grassroots level are among our greatest contributions in an all-in transformation effort that requires governments, companies, and individuals to share a common culture. 

We will be contributing to the development of our country and our industry through our efforts under the MundusPlus brand. We will strengthen our brand as a brainstorming platform open for innovation and cooperation, welcoming contributions from all stakeholders.